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The Shift Summit & Music Festival, Sept. 18-21

With everything going on in the world and the challenges we're all facing, I'm honored to have been asked to play the Shift Summit and Music Festival, which includes an incredible lineup of artists, visionaries, spiritual leaders, and activists working towards a better world.

The Shift Summit & Music Festival, a 4-day online global gathering taking place September 18-21, features more than 300 visionaries and artists who are lighting the way to a better future, including:

Deepak Chopra • Marianne Williamson • Jane Goodall  • Michael Beckwith • Dolores Huerta • Bill McKibben • Lynne Twist • Rep. Dennis Kucinich • Gregg Braden • Grandmother Flordemayo • & many many more. 

With musical performances by myself and: Michael Franti • Rising Appalachia • Deva Premal and Miten • Krishna Das  • Mike Love  • Beautiful Chorus  • Desert Dwellers  • Ajeet  • Tina Malia  • Mose • Alice DiMicele • Donna De Lory • Porangui  • Brenda McMorrow • Steven Halpern • Ganga Giri  • Stellamara • Kristin Hoffmann  • Elijah Ray • Shamans Dream & many many more. 

Please join us for this free online event to receive a much-needed infusion of hope, positivity, and practical strategies for how we can shift our society and ourselves to fulfill the dream of a planet that truly works for all. 

If you wish to be part of the team that turns things around and redesigns human civilization for the good, this is THE online festival for you!

Register for FREE here:


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