Z-Hacks 2020 Invitation! Calling All Students!


You are invited to participate in Z-HACKS 2020, a hackathon for creatives of all kinds!

Code, carve, sing, dance, or write your project submission to address social justice, environment, or pandemic. There will be nearly $50k offered in prizes, and I'm grateful to have been asked by the host organization, Santa Cruz Works, to be one of the judges.

Z is for Gen Z. Z is for Zentrepreneur. Z is for Zeitgeist. You are "Z" change needed in the World.

Z-Hacks is the first truly inclusive hackathon. You don’t need to be a coder to participate. All arts are welcomed. This event is open to anyone who attended school in 2019 or will attend in 2020-21. Schools can include public, private, online, full time or part-time. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST WITH STUDENTS WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED.

Requirements: Participants need to write code or create art that helps solve one of the many challenges we face: social justice, environment, or pandemics. Submit a 3-5 minute video presentation of the final project. The project must be started and finished during the 5-day event taking place from Sept. 19-25. Finalists will participate in a 15-minute Zoom video conference with the judges for their category.

Learn more and register: https://zhacks.devpost.com/

Be the change you wish to 'Z' in the world.

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