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Arise, Women of This Day! The Mother's Day Proclamation

Singer/Songwriter Aliza Hava Releases Powerful Peace Anthem for Mother’s Day, Inspired by Julia Ward Howe’s Proclamation

Watch the official lyric video:

Award-winning singer-songwriter Aliza Hava has released of a soul-stirring peace anthem just in time for Mother's Day. Debuting May 10th, two days before Mother's Day, the song is a heartfelt tribute to the timeless call for peace embodied in Julia Ward Howe's historic Mother's Day Proclamation. With haunting melodies and poignant lyrics, Hava's latest composition transcends time, echoing Howe's message while addressing the urgent need for peace in today's world.

Julia Ward Howe's original Mother's Day Proclamation, penned in 1870, was a passionate appeal for peace and disarmament in the aftermath of the Civil War. Howe's vision of Mother's Day as a day for women to come together to advocate for peace laid the groundwork for the modern holiday we celebrate today.

Mother's Day as we know it was later championed by Anna Jarvis in the early 20th century as a way to honor the sacrifices of mothers and promote peace. However, as the holiday became increasingly commercialized, its original purpose became overshadowed. Through her music, Aliza Hava seeks to reignite the spirit that defined the early days of Mother's Day, offering a timely reminder of the importance of unity in a world plagued by division.

Aliza Hava's release, composed to the words of Howe's Proclamation, is a poignant reminder of the holiday's original purpose. As an artist who has served as a representative and ambassador for several UN-related peacebuilding initiatives, Hava brings a unique perspective to her music, blending her passion for peace and healing with her gift for crafting insightful and thought-provoking melodies.

Drawing from her extensive background, Aliza's music has always been a vehicle for change. Self-taught on acoustic guitar and piano, her previous releases have tackled themes of love, resilience, and social change, earning her acclaim for her ability to marry powerful lyrics with captivating melodies. Featured on the soundtrack of Sharon Stone’s award-winning documentary, Femme: Women Healing the World, Aliza is a recipient of the Human Spirit Award presented by the international organization, Talent for Humanity

Recorded in Austin, TX, the song is a powerful fusion of women’s voices with world music and soulful rock n’ roll. The song features collaborations with members of prominent Austin-based artists, including Kelly Green and Violet Lea of Madam Radar, singer/songwriter Ashley Monical, Josh Peters of Atlas Maior, and Eric Harrison of the West Texas Exiles. Produced by Eric Harrison and Mike Ingber at Studio 601, the anthem captures the essence of Aliza Hava's vision, blending haunting melodies with powerful lyrics that resonate with audiences of all backgrounds.

Accompanied by a music video that brings the song's message to life, Aliza's peace anthem promises to be a timely addition to her repertoire, offering a message of hope and a call to action in a world rife with conflict and division. By channeling the spirit of Julia Ward Howe's Proclamation, she invites listeners to reflect on the true meaning of Mother's Day and join together in the pursuit of peace.


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