Keeper of My Soul is the latest single from Aliza Hava. A devotional melody inspired by nature, the track features organic instrumentation and Hava's soulful vocals with a mix of English and Hebrew.  


Musicians include:


Aliza Hava - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Pesach Dahvid Stadlin - Flute

Jonathan Fialka - Bowed Bass & Backing Vocals

Ivan Ceresnjes - Frame Drum

Amit Shoham - Crystal Singing Bowl

Erik Jacobs - Percussion


Composed by Aliza Hava.

Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Erik Jacobs.

Produced by Erik Jacobs.

Mastered by Bill Hare.


©2018 Aliza Hava Music | FireMusicFaerie Productions

Keeper of My Soul (Digital Download)


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