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Highlights from NAMM 2019

It's always an epic experience at Winter NAMM in Anaheim. Great times, amazing people, and the latest gear to play on. Here are some highlights! 

#UniversalAudio killing it with their amazing analog plugins and gear.

Jason Achilles performing at GHS Strings

Sabian Cymbals 

With Arthur Hull, Remo Percussion drum circle leader and trainer

Boutique guitar showcase

Shabat Guitars 

The drum kit of my dreams

Someone gave me two million bucks!!

Good vibes and a great crew at Santa Cruz Guitar Co!!

With Chalo, the designer of Remo world percussion!! I've been playing their drums for years!!

Taylor beauty

Sandberg Basses

With Kelly Keys, Maya Ackerman of Alysia songwriting app, and Emcee NICE

Recording at Shure Airstream

Playing a little guitar...

Recording ar Shure Airstream 

The wall of pedals...

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