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Aliza Hava - Natural State
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Aliza Hava is an award-winning singer/songwriter whose dynamic voice and driving rhythms create a unique signature aesthetic. Throughout her career, she’s alchemized a melding of folk, rock, R&B, and pop with literate and emotionally resonant lyrics. Her new album, Natural State (released Feb. 27th), is adorned with a rich tapestry of vocal harmonies, ethereal textures, and simmering R&B-tinged grooves. 


"So freaking astonishing in every way, this chick is a powerhouse. She's what you'd call a sister...."
-The Chronogram

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...her vocals—heart-on-sleeve balanced by professional restraint—carry the tunes to this place where peace, unity and self-awareness are causes worth putting your life on the line for."
-Good Times Santa Cruz

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