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"Spiritual, socially conscious folk and femme rock..."

-The Jerusalem Post

"...her vocals—heart-on-sleeve balanced by professional restraint—carry the tunes to this place where peace, unity and self-awareness are causes worth putting your life on the line for."

-The Good Times

"So freakin' astonishing in every way, this chick is a powerhouse...she's what you'd call a sister...."

-The Chronogram

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Aliza Hava

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Aliza Hava is an award-winning singer/songwriter whose soul searching music explores the deepest levels of love, life, 

and the power of positive social change.


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New Single
Out Now!

Emotion Tide is a soulful, deeply personal musical journey about what happens when allowing oneself to fully feel and express the exquisite pain that comes along with healing a broken heart.

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